Anthony G. Petrello’s Active Financial And Philanthropic Activities

Anthony G. Petrello joined the Nabors board of directors and the board of the executive committee in 1991. He received an appointment as the firm’s president and CEO in 1991 and served it until October 2011, when he earned a promotion to chief executive officer and president offices. Since 2003, Anthony additionally served Nabors as the deputy chairman and as chairman of the board and the executive committees since June 2012. In his current positions since chairman and president, Anthony is responsible for providing strategic planning and leadership of the company’s program to adapt and develop the firm’s competitiveness in the market.

Under the guidance of Anthony, Nabors recently moved up the list in trading stocks on January 11th. The stock gained 2.83 percent and closed at 8.19 percent. Nabors Industries Limited manages land-based drilling vessels, and offshore drilling and workovers internationally with the support of approximately 13,500 employees. Before joining Nabors, Anthony served for Baker & McKenzie between 1979 and 1981.He was responsible for the company’s international development strategies, taxation programs, and the general corporate regulations. In 1986, Anthony worked for the firm as the managing partner of its New York office until his retirement in 1991. Anthony is an alumnus of the Harvard School of Law, where he earned a J.D degree and of the Yale University where he received his M.S degree in Mathematics.

Anthony is also a member of the Stewart, Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company boards and the Texas Children Hospital board of trustees where he advocates for the development of research and clinical programs for children in need of neurological medical attention. Anthony dedicates his philanthropy and financial support to the hospital to develop the often ignored treatments of cerebral diseases affecting children. Anthony gained a healthy inspiration to help the matter after the birth of his child Carena, who was born with chronic neurological complications. In 2006, Anthony donated 7 million dollars to the hospital, and a further 5 million dollars for the support of a project set up to research in detail the status of brain disorders. Anthony firmly believes that the Texas-based hospital is a groundbreaking facility that helps many children with rare medical treatments and services.

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