Don Ressler: Being Fashion Forward

One phrase that is making its appearance more often is fashion forward. A lot of people that take an interest in fashion on may one way or another learn about this phrase. However, some people may be confused about what it means. One of the clues to its meaning is the context that it is used in. Basically, being fashion forward means that it is moving forward when it comes to style. It is not focused on trying to sell what other companies are selling. It is instead trying to predict what is going to be hot soon in trends. While there are a lot of fashion retailers, there are relatively few that are fashion forward.

One person that is fashion forward is Don Ressler. He is one of the founders of TechStyle. He has helped with the foundation of the company because he wanted to influence the trends of the world. He wanted to bring his input on where fashion is going. So far, he has been successful with his brand Fabletics, which he runs with Adam Goldenberg. Adam is someone who is very instrumental to the success of the company. For one thing, he looks at all of the products in order to find out which ones are selling the most.

One of the important aspects of Don Ressler is that he takes the time to listen to customers so that he can continue providing them with some of the best products and services in the industry. Him and Adam have come up with a business model that is very powerful in bringing sales. For one thing, Fabletics relies on subscriptions so that people will be able to not only buy products, they will also be able to save money. To make things better, they will be able to get some free products to go along with the products that they buy. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is steadily gaining in popularity on Pando.

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