How Doe Deere Made It In The Fashion World

When Doe Deere was just 13 years old, she wore and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. What seemed like a fun hobby to a child was actually her first step into the fashion world.


Doe moved from Russia to New York when she was only 17 years old, but she had plans to become a musician rather than a fashion entrepreneur. She did accomplish her goal to become a musician for a short time, and it was this career choice that allowed her to gain more experience in the business world. It was an experience that gave her a taste of promotion, marketing and appreciating her fans.


It was not until 2004 that Doe started to gravitate towards the fashion world. She registered an account on eBay under the name “limecrime,” and she was planning to sell her handmade clothing on this account. The plan was to model the clothing so her customers could get a glimpse of the outfits. She was planning to create and sell outfits in unusual colors, so she wanted to wear makeup to match her vibrant outfits. However, Doe had trouble finding makeup in bright and vibrant colors. It was this problem that turned into the start of a new makeup brand, and Lime Crime was officially established in 2008.


Lime Crime offers makeup in bright, dark and unusual colors to match various personalities. The lip products include matte and metallic Velvetines, Unicorn Lipstick, Perlees and Diamond Crushers. Lime Crime also offers eye makeup such as the Venus and Venus 2 Palettes, Liquid Liners and Superfoils. The Hi-Lite highlighter palette and Pop On Nails are recent creations from this brand.


Doe Deere works with her team to create a variety of shades that allow her fans to express themselves. Fans who are looking for bright colors are sure to love the Petal Pink, Nude Peach and Rose Gold shades, and fans who like to stand out are sure to enjoy wearing the Metallic Blue, Banana Yellow and Vibrant Red shades. The Black, Dark Purple and Grey-Brown shades are perfect for fans who are going for a dark and mysterious look. Products such as Diamond Crushers and Superfoils add a little sparkle to every makeup collection.


Doe Deere has worked hard to find her place in the fashion world. When she is not creating unique products, she is encouraging her fans to follow their own dreams. She started as a child in Russia selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, and now she is the creator of products found online and in Urban Outfitters retail stores.




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