How Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are Improving InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the fastest growing managed care companies handling Medicare Advantage Plans today. The leadership on board at InnovaCare Health is making great things possible, and that includes the work of CEO and President Rick Shinto. Prior to his leadership with InnovaCare Health, Shinto also served in the same role at MMM Healthcare Inc., and as a CEO of Aveta Inc.

Working for all companies in a management capacity has given Rick Shinto the ability to see which programs have the greatest potential, as well as to determined how programs should be developed within their appropriate categories.


Most importantly, Shinto is an M.D., so he understands the way these plans should work from the perspective of a doctor as well as a patient. With more than 20 years of experienced in managed care alone, Rick Shinto has been able to go into these companies and clean up the problem areas as well as identify where other areas of opportunity lie. It’s safe to say that this organization has the very best leadership in healthcare on, and they continue to strive for the best for those who are on the receiving end of their benefits in Medicare.

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the CAO of InnovaCare Health, and as she works alongside Shinto, she knows what the expectations are and how to help the organization move forward for success. Kokkinides also worked at Aveta with Shinto, and has worked as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Penelope Kokkinides is strong in directing and overseeing government programs for health insurance and her knowledge is extensive in how the managed care industry works.

Although Kokkinides was not a doctor prior to her employment with any of these companies, her vast knowledge and experience has given her the best foundation possible for assisting in the growth and profitability of InnovaCare Health.

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  1. Her background in developing health plans and building benefits for organizations for their employees has played an important role in her leadership today. With vast clinical and operational experience, Shinto is a great asset to InnovaCare Health and the rest of the leadership team. I think that the bestessays scam would also get these things done for them as soon as possibe too.

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