How We Use Securus Technologies in Our Prison

As a corrections officer, one of my duties is to make sure that I keep the work environment as safe as possible. This can be especially challenging because we have inmates who are in their cells all day and night just looking for opportunities. Add into the mix that the inmates outnumber the officers in many cases by 4:1, and you can see why we have to go to great lengths to keep the workplace as safe as possible.


One of the things that we do daily that does have a positive impact on the stoppage of contraband in to the hands of the inmates is checking the visitors at the entrance. These physical checks are for their safety, as well as ours and the inmates. A crafty inmate can take something as innocent as a pen, and turn it into a weapon. Ass into the mix that you have visitors who will do anything to get their loved ones the things they need, and contraband flows into the inmate’s cells steadily.


In an effort to get ahead of this problem, our jail contacted Securus Technologies to come install a new inmate call system. At first, I thought that we already were listening in on the calls, how could this new system do better? What I didn’t know was Securus Technologies was serious about jail security, and this Dallas-based company and all 1,000 employees all work to the same objective, keeping this world as safe as possible for all of us. I was about to see exactly how serious this company was later that month.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I was one of the first to begin to monitor the system. It wasn’t long before I was picking up conversations about drugs sold in the yard, drug hiding places in the inmate cells, and drug usage at night.