Hussain Sajwani’s History and His Responsibility at DAMAC Properties

Mr. Hussain Sajwani is the chairman and founder of global development Company DAMAC properties. DAMAC Properties has been working since 2002.The DAMAC owner is a graduate of Washington University having attained a degree in Economic and Industrial Engineering. DAMAC is involved in real estate advancement projects for leisure, residential and salable properties within Dubai and the Middle East.


In so many instances, Hussain capitalized on the reality that the Government of Dubai ruling accepted immigrants to possess properties. Nom-Emiratis, therefore, grew to be his target zone of focus and mores o clientele. In the 1980s Sajwani Hussein engaged himself in the business of food where he offered the America’s military an outstanding food service till 1991 when there was the first Iraq war. In the year 2002, Hussein decided that he would settle for real estate business as his breadwinner.


DAMAC settled in incorporating food into the firm processes since 2002 when it introduced the hospitality division. DAMAC currently has exhausted a maximum of 8890 units since when it started its fruitful operations. Due to these additions, DAMAC emerged to be one of the forefront operators within the hotel service industry as well as the apartment. Currently, Mr.Hussain has a set a goal of expanding its operations in business towards Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


Hussain Sijwani is a renowned billionaire developer of real estate properties. He happens to have a relationship with President Trump of America in bases of business. Donald Trump and Hussein have collaborated in boosting the worldwide Golf Club.In fact, Hussain’s International club simply has luxury lodges and generates sales income of around two billion dollars. Mr. Trump called out some of the prominent business owners and shareholders in the Eve of the New Year at Mar-a-Lago resort within Florida. He purposely called them to help him celebrate his conquest as the U.S president. Amazingly, Mr. Hussain appeared to them on the top on the list simply because his DAMAC properties is the one accountable for the Trump Global Course Dubai construction.


Hussain Sajwani family and his company DAMAC as a whole have have always been engaged in philanthropies support severally. Mr. Hussain himself does participate in many charitable deeds. An instance is whereby he contributed two million dollars in favor of AED campaign that offers clothes for roughly one million families internationally. The contribution made by Hussain was combined with the one done by Dubai government so that they could boost the living standards of individuals across the world.


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