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Recently many organizations are doing away with the tradition process of how they review their staff performances. The ancient process is being replaced with the formal check-ins between the managers and the employees. To enable the corporations achieve their goals as well use the new system for performance review several organizations have been established including Scoutahead.

At Scoutahead every client is important to them. The company involves designing a stand to facilitate as well improve feedback between the managers and the employees where it is necessary. When companies start they are involved with a lot of task of completing reviews which involves a lot of paperwork. The custom reviews also does not give space for revolution, inspiration and it does not promote proper teamwork between the employee and the manager in terms of giving feedback. The tradition process also disdain the appraisal process of the supervisors and their subordinates.

There are several issues that are leading to the death of the tradition evaluation some of the includes

  1. The improvement of talent management in an organization. Lately, companies are putting more efforts on the development of their staff to enact growth of their enterprises. The new performance review process powers feedback between the employer and their employee.
  2. Organizations have now shifted their focus on the growth of their businesses as well as the policies on how to achieve their ultimate goals in the future.

The tardyon performance review no longer make sense for organizations, the Human Resource Managers have now shifted to the new review process online, but they have been able to involve their staff in the expansion of their business through feedback, Scoutahead has realized the gap and is filling it.

Scoutahead is an internet start-up, which was primarily established to provide a stage to take charge of growth. Raj Fernando founded Scoutahead in 2016. Raj Fernando was born in Denmark, and they moved to the United States of America before the age of one. He started his career at a young age while still in college. His first career was at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His hardworking spirit, as well as determination, led him to climb the ladder at the Chicago Board of Trade from 1991 to 2001.

Fernando is not an entrepreneur, but he is also involved in the community work as a humanitarian. Fernando is a graduate of Beloit College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History.

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