Kim Dao Finds Out It’s A GIRL!

It is a beautiful day out and Kim Dao goes to an outlet to do some shopping with friends. She wants to go into a specific store to find something for her boyfriend. They have lunch together. Kim Dao records the little girl that’s with them. They do some more shopping and Kim finds something for her boyfriend. She says she isn’t going to buy anything for herself because she is going to Florence. She goes back home and plays with her dog for awhile. Learn more:


Kim Dao heads back out with her friends to London. They stop to McDonalds for a quick break. Kim Dao orders a cheeseburger for a snack and the little girl has a ice cream cone. They take a look around the toy store. It brings backs memories for Kim Dao. They wait in the car until it’s time for dinner. They are really tired from walking around all day. The little girl is singing. They have dinner at a Filipino restaurant. They do a gender reveal using a cake. Everyone finds out that it is a girl. Kim Dao made it back home to Becky and Kelsey’s place. Becky is out visiting family at the moment. Kelsey made brownies. Learn more:


Kim Dao is about to take a shower and call it a night. She is too tired to edit the video that night. She needs to rest. She enjoyed her time in Oxford. She has more plans coming up. Learn more:


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