Kim Dao Shows Us Some of the Best Makeup in Japan

The following makeup has won numerous awards. Japan makes some of the best makeup in the world. Kim Dao will present some of them to you. Despite the watery feel of Shiseido Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation, Kim Dao was surprised that it had excellent coverage. Mineral Foundation comes in four different shades, has no fragrance, and lasts all day.


Lunasol Germinate Eyes is a high end eye shadow. Kim Dao found this eye shadow was easily blendable and went smoothly onto the eyes.


Flow Fushi Mote Eyeliner is to apply. Kim Dao is pleased that it is easier to control than most eyeliners. Flow Fushi dries quickly and is smudge proof.


Excel Eyebrow Mascara comes in many colors for all hair colors. Kim Dao finds that this eyebrow mascara lasts all day and does not make her eyebrows look strange.


Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara surprised Kim Dao that despite its cheap price, this mascara is waterproof, lengthens lashes, and does not clump. Another mascara to try is Isehan Heroine Mascara. This is similar to the Canmake mascara except the Heroine mascara has more volume.


Ettusais Heart Cheek Colour blush has different shades of pink and white that together make one terrific blush. Kim Dao likes how the blush can be applied directly from the pot to the face without getting any of it all over the fingers.


Shiseido makes a lipstick called Maquillage Dramatic Rouge is creamy, hydrating, and comes in plenty of colors. Maquillage gives lips that healthy look.


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