Lime Crime Creates Metallic Makeup Movement And The World Goes Wild

I believe we can thank Doe Deere and Lime Crime for the metallic makeup movement. It is so makeup forward and unique, that I’m waiting for the beauty competitors to start duping Lime Crime’s metallic collection. Giant companies are always trying to cut in on Doe Deere’s wonderful imagination and creativity, as evidenced by her blog ILoveLimeCrime.


I suppose that is what drew me to the crazy wild makeup brand and its domination on social media. Lime Crime is not the beige, boring cosmetics we’re all used to buying and wearing. You know the kind; safe makeup that stays within the lines of what society tells us is proper and okay. Lime Crime is anything but conventional, and thank goodness for that.  Celia Leslie really woke us up to how cool Lime Crime could be in her informative makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Doe Deere is a different kind of businesswoman. First, she is young and full of bold, new ideas. She loves vibrant makeup shades to go with her candy-colored tresses and her vivid fashion. While living in New York City, the Russian-born Doe Deere had a difficult time trying to hunt down highly pigmented shades, so she decided to establish her own cosmetics brand, and Lime Crime was born in 2008. She has stuck with the name, and when you think about it, Lime Crime is very “Google-able.”


Doe Deere believes that e-commerce is the only way to fly, and as a young person, I totally agree with her vision, especially because I only buy Lime Crime online anyway. She also believes that social media like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the others can define a brand effectively. For example, Lime Crime’s huge Instagram presence has made them a rock star brand.


I am in love with their new Superfoils eye shadows. The brand has created something no other cosmetics company has ever done, with the invention of water-activated wet/dry liquid foil shadows. These duo compact beauties are so luscious, the products have sold out. Sexy shades like Malibu/Convertible and Lawn/Flamingo went flying off the LimeCrime shopping site at Glambot.   Learn more about their cruelty-free & vegan cosmetics from L.A. on their Tumblr page.

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  1. Just as high glam are the new Metallic Velvetines, the brand’s sensuous liquid to matte lipsticks. My favorite is Vibe, a metallic pinky mauve in that famous touch-proof velvet finish. This has a need that paper writing could only solve on time.

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