Logan Stout Leads IDLife For Rejuvenation And Well-Being

Logan Stout is a well-known and very wealthy entrepreneur, author, former athlete and physical trainer. His career and successful ventures have created billions of dollars and his connections to experts in all of the fields in which he excels read like a “who’s who” anthology.

Most recently, Stout’s efforts have been directed towards health and wellness. In May of 2014, Shout launched ID Life, LLC, a company formed to educate people about the necessity of eating right and providing their bodies the proper nutrition that they need. He has partnered with such celebrities as Troy Aikman, celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom and billionaire Darwin Deason.

Prior to forming ID Life, LLC, Logan Stout met with a doctor who claimed that he had developed the perfect diet for optimum health, and he was not having success getting the work out about making it available to the public. Stout acquired his company which became ID Life, LLC. In 2016, IDLife, LLC was named one of the Solid Top 100 MLM Companies of the World.

Logan Stout is also passionate about teaching people good leadership qualities and moral principles, so he has partnered with world famous John Maxwell, well known for his leadership training and mentorship.

Logan Stout is the CEO and Founder of the Dallas Patriots Youth Baseball organization that allow teams from the ages from six through 18 the best instructors and coaches in existence, and many of them go on to college and even professional baseball.

Logan Stout has been featured in much of the media in regard to IDLife, LLC. Such publications as CBS Radio, The Ticket, The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and other media outlets have featured stories about Stout and ID Life, LLC.

All of the products that are sponsored by ID Life, LLC are gluten-free, non-GMO, hormone-free and soy-free. The vitamins, minerals and other nutrition factors are the best known in the industry.

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