Markus Rothkranz Believes People Have the Power to Cure Themselves

Heal Yourself 101 – Never Get Sick Again

Marcus Rothkranz believes that it isn’t what you take that will alleviate your health problems such as diabetes and celiac. He believes you should stop doing what you have been doing that got you sick in the first place. There is no magic cure that will heal you. For example, suppose you have a fire in your house. You might want to pour water on it or get a fire extinguisher, but if you continue to pour gasoline on the fire, it’ll never go out. People are sick because they are eating the wrong foods like pasta, sugar, breads, too much salt. Rothkranz believes a person can health themselves of disease if they change the way they eat.

People with emphysema and heart disease need to stop smoking and drinking in order to feel better. Emphysema and heart disease are merely symptoms of a poor lifestyle. A person can not catch emphysema or heart disease, or diabetes.

Marcus Rothkranz said he lost friends to cancer because they smoked cigarettes and pot. They drank cannibas oil like it was about to be discontinued. He had friends who had decided to drink alkaline water because they were told it would cure the cancer. That water didn’t cure them, and his friends died anyway. If anyone knows someone who tried some cure and it worked; it worked because the people probably stopped doing what was causing the problem in the first place.

Rebuilding the body is like rebuilding the car. You need to stop putting the bad stuff in the gas tank, get rid of the rust and rebuild it so your body, like your car will have a smooth running engine. In otherwords, get rid of what is bringing you down. Rothkranz says that milk is bad for us because it has sugar, lactose and hormones that are made to make a cow weigh 2,000 pounds. He claims that babies are fed milk before their kidneys are fully formed. Stress from fighting over things like financial matters causes people to be unhealthy. Rothkranz believes that people have the power to cure themselves.

Why NOT to do Coffee Enemas

Even though he was creating special effects for hit movies in the 1980s, Markus Rothkranz doesn’t look a day past 30. He accomplished this by learning how the body works and what practices are capable of keeping it young and healthy. Today, he’s on a mission to share his knowledge with everyone who is willing to listen.

One popular practice that Mark completely disavows is the detoxifying coffee enema. While he recognizes water enemas to be a great way method of detox, he insists that coffee is not helpful. Coffee, he says, is a stimulant, which means it’s a toxic in itself. People who use coffee enemas will usually feel good after the fact, but that is because of the stimulant properties of this substance. Any positive effects in the person’s health will be due to the water and not the coffee.

On the contrary, as it goes directly into their bloodstream, the coffee in the enema will cause negative and harmful effects. Practitioners of coffee enemas argue that it cleans the liver but that is completely false. While it’s true that it helps flush the liver, that is also the case with any other bitter foods, many of which aren’t toxic.

Adding to the gravity of the situation is the fact that, as a toxic substance, coffee can be very dangerous when it goes directly into the bloodstream. The main reason is that, if this happens, coffee is capable of crashing the adrenal glands. This crash can result in major health problems, including high blood pressure, low energy, thyroid hormone unbalances, asthma, auto-immunity disorders and water retention. Additionally, the tannins in coffee can damage the flora in a person’s body.  Without it, your system is more likely to reabsorb toxins from the colon instead of flushing them out.

In short, enemas can be extremely beneficial for your body, but don’t put any coffee in them.

Standing vs Sitting: Sitting is the New Smoking

Markus Rothkranz is a motivational speaker who knows the truth about something we all do every day, for hours on end: sitting. We sit when we wake up (on the toilet), and then we sit in the car on the way to work, and then we sit at lunch. We sit at the bar after work, and then we sit in our chairs when we get home. And it’s killing us.

Sitting has been shown to be one of the top killers of people who are sedentary. It’s because when you sit you don’t exercise your valuable muscles, and you miss out on all the muscles it takes to engage a standing position, which is much healthier for your lifestyle.

If you’re concerned about sitting too much, be sure that you get up and move around every day, even if you just stand up for five minutes every half hour. You’ll appreciate the change, and your body will thank you. Your risk for diabetes and blood clots will go down, and you’ll feel like a new person over time.

So, if you find yourself sitting too much, remember to get up and move around–whether it’s walking, running, or just gardening or cleaning house. You’ll appreciate how much better you feel if you don’t just sit in place, like a sedentary couch potato. What are you waiting for? The world is bigger than you know, and it’s waiting to be explored. You’ll love the benefits you get from an active lifestyle.

The Super Importance of Vitamin C

I bet you didn’t know how important it was to have Vitamin C. This is the most important Vitamin we need in our bodies but we can not get it from pills it has to be from food. Stress robs you from Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you out in so many ways. One of the things Vitamin C does is break down your cholesterol. It treats diabetes, allergies, heart disease, HIV, cancer, viral infections, bacterial infections and arthritis. It helps with stress and to look younger when you are aging. Who knew that Vitamin C does all this. Who needs medicine when you have this Vitamin that does the works. It’s pretty much the healer of everything you have. Who knew Vitamin C was so important and helped out in so many ways after watching this video. Markus has so many videos on YouTube about different things that will help you out in life. He offers really good advice and can help you get on the right path. He goes around the world speaking. You can book him to speak at your location. He talks about stuff you didn’t know about and gets really detailed. I encourage you to look up more of his videos. They will make you look at life differently and he will teach you things that you didn’t even know. . This is only some stuff that he talks about and it is awesome. Imagine his other videos.

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