Nathaniel Ru Is Making Headlines With Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders of the highly successful salad restaurant called Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen has a unique and well thought out business plan that has been receiving praise from critics and investment experts. The business model for Sweetgreen is a breath of fresh air to a somewhat repetitive and stale industry. They are providing healthy, nutritious, delicious, farm to table food. They are somewhere between a farmer’s market and a fast food restaurant. They price their food for a cost-conscious clientele that expects a high degree of quality for a small price. Sweetgreen delivers this and exceeds their expectations. They start with a fresh location that hasn’t already been saturated with other chain locations. They intentionally seek out locations with a high level of businesses but not many options for healthy and delicious food. In that way, they are able to corner the market and drive business to them with little effort.


Great attention is given to the overall appearance of the restaurant and the ability for customers to see the food being prepared in both the front and the back of the house. The restaurant receives their produce fresh every day and anyone in the store can see it being prepared for future orders.


Nathaniel Ru is committed to delivering the best dining experience for all of Sweetgreen’s customers. He envisioned the restaurant’s unique approach just after he met his business partner in college. He wanted to change everything that was wrong with the other chain restaurants in the area. The two co-founders approached a band regarding the business venture. The bank wanted a solid business plan and was impressed with the well thought out details and location. The first business was a huge success which prompted the opening of several other locations around the country. The word has gotten out about the business and people everywhere have been admiring the fresh approach that Nathaniel Ru is taking with Sweetgreen. The company even has an app that allows you to go online and place your order so you don’t have to wait. The app is very customer friendly and features incredible photos of the products used in their salads.



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  1. The design of the store is carefully planned to incorporate a light, airy feeling that is comfortable and welcoming. They take every approach to delivering the very freshest food and enjoyable dining experience for their customers. It is mostly going to be something that could do to ensure that everything works out well too.

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