Norman Pattiz Impacting Lives Through PodcastOne

PodcastOne currently highlights over 300 hours of original programs weekly. Norman Pattiz has established the national Podcast to a national chief advertiser-supported podcast network. Norman founded one of America leading radio networks called Westwood. He has also developed courtside Entertainment Group. He currently sits as a council member in the Pacific council and foreign relations.


Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne from extensive experience from working with Westwood One. PodcastOne became the digital version of the Westwood one. Norman has been making improvements of PodcastOne since its launch. He nurtures his ideas through implementation. He advises that implementation is crucial as many ideas are put across on a daily basis. Norman believes in the being excited and passionate about your ideas and continually being on the ground to be able to engage in growing your business actively.


Norman likes to be involved in every single decision that goes on in the company from the sales to the talent acquisition, PodcastOne being a small company enables him to be actively involved in almost all the company’s activities. His extensive background in radio syndication makes him one of the most eligible people in radio. Norman Pattiz formerly served on the broadcasting board of governors in 2000 in the United States under the appointment of President Clinton and later the reappointment of President Bush.


After Norman Pattiz founded the courtside entertainment Group and established it for two years, he then moved and launched PodcastOne. He quickly set the company, and it became the leading producer and broadcaster of the in audio programming. PodcastOne has a list of personalities that are huge in the celebrity scenes. These various brands include Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Nicole Snooki, Steve Austin, Laura Ingraham, Pen Juliette, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Heather Dubrow and Dr. Drew.


Norman Pattiz and his wife of Dr.Mary Pattiz live in Beverly Hills’ they have been married for close to three decades. Norman also serves in Los Alamos National security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore as chairman. Norman has received various awards including the Giants of broadcasting award which was from the Library of American broadcasting. He was introduced to the radio hall of fame in 2009 and has managed to be in it for almost a decade now. Norman Pattie also got honors from the freedom of speech award and the distinguished Education service award. Norman Pattie continues to make an extraordinary impact in the broadcasting industry. Lewarn more: