Omar Boraie And His Involvement In Shaping New Brunswick

Omar Boraie, the Founder and President of Boraie Development LLC., has been a face of New Brunswick for some time considering his contributions to the city. Apart from making significant contributions to develop a semi-urban locality to a major urban center, he also plays a significant role in changing the lives people in New Brunswick, says NJBiz. His intense regards to the city have been a grace for the struggling people in the town in various forms such as charitable contributions, welfare activities, community initiatives, assistance programs, etc. He believes that whatever he earned by his hard work from the city should be returned to the community in one or other form to strengthen it.

His real estate firm offers services such as real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing. The firm is credited with a number of projects that changed the total infrastructure capacity of the city to a great extent. It includes commercial, residential, and retail solutions for the city and its people. For instance, the firm opened Albany Street Plaza, a commercial building in the city, with 250,000 square feet office space in 1988. It was a great addition to the capacity during that time, and it made a significant contribution to the commercial requirements of the city those times. The commercial building also played a crucial role in shaping the business culture in the city. In 2004, a second tower completed as part of the commercial center, and it further extended the capacity of the group, you can visit his Crunchbase profile to learn more.

Omar Boraie also played a significant role in adding the residential capacity of the city as well. He introduced the New York City-style condominium to New Brunswick with his One Spring Street in 2007. It is a 25-story apartment complex with 121 residential units, and interestingly, it is the tallest building in the city. Sam did not limit himself in New Brunswick and expanded his services to other cities including Atlantic City and Newark. Be it The Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City or One Rector Street in Newark, both the residential apartments are offering world-class housing with all the amenities. These apartment complexes gave a big relief to the high-demand of quality housing options in both the cities.

He also transformed the lives of people in New Brunswick by touching the culture, though social initiatives, etc. Boraie is very keen to encourage the cultural roots of the city, and he is the major contributor and a member of the board of trustees of The Historical State Theatre in the city. Last summer, he sponsored free movies at the State Theatre that lasted until August. The event series gave a wonderful chance for the people to watch family favorites like Aladdin and Monster University, Despicable Me 2, Frozen, and more. Sam is on the advisory board of Elija’s Promise, a philanthropic group working to provide nutritious food to the hungry and offering other assistance like vocational training programs to come out of the poverty. He also offered a $1.5 million pledge to Genomic Science precision medicine for cancer treatment at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Read more: