Sweetgreen Impactful Leadership and the Milestone in the Fast Food Industry

The now fast paced economy is making the equally fast food industry is something to look up to. One company that is for sure taking the industry by storm not only its good quality of food but also its leadership is Sweetgreen. This first food restaurant is not only interested in feeding people but also ensuring they are fed with fresh, organic and healthy foods.


In order to understand the evolutionary leadership in Sweetgreen fast food restaurant, let us first understand the business. Sweetgreen is fast food salad chain that was started in August 2007 in by three Georgetown University friends Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. Immediately after completing the University, the trio felt the need of supplying Georgetown with quality foods as it lacked these services. Ever since then the progress of the company has been impressive with the fast food chain having at least 40-food kiosk at different location. What has made the three CEOs effortlessly manage the company to amass such great wealth and reputation?


The number one factor that has given the company the mileage it has in the market is its reliance in technology. Unlike the traditional fast food chains, Sweetgreen has made technology part of their DNA from the word go. At least thirty percent of all the days’ orders come from the restaurant’s mobile app or their website. Apart from improving their sales number this increases the efficiency of the company’s operations.


Rethinking the popular management practices. One characteristic feature with Sweetgreen’s management is doing everything extraordinary. For instances for the company instead of investing in other resources to achieve customer satisfaction they have decided to capitalize on what they have, the employees. At least five times in a year the company ensures that it locks down all its corporate offices and allow its employees to meet and interact with their clients. By so doing there are able to understand them better thus getting an idea of the policies that will be effective. The company also does not have a permanent headquarters; this allows the CEOs to move freely around the different offices spurring uniform growth in the all branches and locations of the company.


About Nathaniel Ru


Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen and currently a co-CEO in the company. Ru was born in May 3, 1985 and is a finance graduate from Georgetown University. Despite his tender age, Nathaniel is well experienced in leadership and he is arguably one of the forces that has helped the company be where it is today.


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