The Old Fast Food Industry

If there is one staple in the American diet, it is the fast food industry. Now, more people eat fast food than ever. One of the factors behind this increase of fast food consumption is the economy. A lot of people have turned to fast food for many different reasons. Among the reasons is that they seem to be in a rush. Fast food joints provide the convenience that is needed for today’s lifestyle. However, such convenience and taste does come with a compromise. For one thing, there is a lack of nutrients and a bunch of empty calories that people are consuming which is contributing to the health problems that is present in many individuals.


There are a few people that are working on changing the fast food industry. Among the methods that they are using is opening up a new restaurant chain called Sweetgreen. This chain offers salads for people to enjoy. With Sweetgreen, people are able to enjoy many other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to go along with protein. This will help the body regulate itself so that people will have their hormones more under control. As they become accustomed to eating food from Sweetgreen, they will be happy because of the extra health they are experiencing.


One person that is very passionate about Sweetgreen is Nathaniel Ru. He is someone who has seen a problem in the community that needed to be solved. He has gotten together with a couple of like minds in order to look into the different concepts. One thing that has helped Nathaniel Ru was that he has accepted the help of his friends in order to put together something that others can enjoy while increasing their health.


Sweetgreen not only offers some of the healthier snacks, but also satisfies deep cravings because people who feel the need to eat a lot tend to do so out of a lack in nutrients. Sweetgreens offers every nutrient the body needs.

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