Tips for Betting in March Madness

The college basketball season in the United States is one of the most competitive and exciting events every year. Division 1 college basketball is comprised of over 300 teams, which are spread out across nearly 30 different conferences. Every year, all 300 of these teams will play a long regular season of around 25 games, at which point each conference will have their own conference championship tournament.

Once the college basketball conference championships are complete, the top 68 teams in college basketball will be placed into a single-elimination tournament. A committee of experts will be required to pick the conference winners and about 35 different at-large teams. Each team in college basketball will be heavily scrutinized for both their selection and their seeding.

Within just a few days following the conference selection, the college basketball tournament will take place. The entire tournament is completed over a wild three-weekend time span.

Due to the size and speed of the tournament, the event has been nicknamed March Madness. While it is very popular to watch, it is also a very heavily gambled event. Every year, millions of fans, ranging from novice to expert, will partake in a variety of bracket pools. Beyond betting in bracket pools, many fans also like to bet on individual games, bracket winners, and even eventual champions.

When looking to bet on games and for the best March Madness odds, a great place to gamble is through This website is a very popular option due to the wide variety of bets that it has available. A visitor of the website will be able to bet on the spread, money line, or over-under on any game being played. Gamblers can also further improve their profits by focusing on either parlays or teasers, which give anyone a better return on investment if the bets are made successfully. is also a great place for people that are looking for more information about the games or teams. Since there are so many different teams in the tournament, it can be tough to make a wise prediction on every game. The website has a lot of detailed and inside information that is available to all players. This information can help any viewer to make a more informed decision.

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